Southern Utah's Only Homebirth Midwifery Group
Your Pregnancy is
Our Top Priority

The birth of your baby is a special, once in a lifetime event 
that deserves the finest care and planning. 
As parents, you deserve to feel in charge and empowered.

-Laura Hopper, DEM, Senior Midwife at Alternative Birth Services
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We are proud to be based in St. George, Utah

Perfectly tailored pregnancy care is our passion and focus. We strive to meet our clients unique needs 
through personalized informed-consent and our reliable 24/7 emergency hotline. 
We are always available for you and your family.
Find out your baby's chromosomal sex or gender, 
as early at 8 weeks after your last period, 
with 99.1% accuracy.
In-home Postpartum Care
Two weeks of in-home care for both you AND your baby.
Skip strapping a newborn into a car seat.
Additional postpartum care performed in our office.
Infant Feeding Expertise 
Placenta encapsulation provides a palatable 
way to consume placenta 
to receive potential benefits it has to offer.
Whether your goals are to initiate breastfeeding, pump for work,
or enjoy a mutually beneficial full-term nursing relationship,
we are here for you.

Phone (435) 557-0575
Fax (435) 215-2461

368 East Riverside Drive Suite 3B
St. George, Utah 84790

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